The Controversial Vaccine Debate With Robert Kennedy View
VAXXED: From Cover Up To Catastrophe View

The Truth About Vaccines - Documentary Series

Episode 1: The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule Episode 1
Episode 2: What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio? Episode 2
Episode 3: An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good Episode 3
Episode 4: Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity Episode 4
Episode 5: Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome Episode 5
Episode 6: A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken-Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses Episode 6
Episode 7: Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice Episode 7
Q & A Part 1 View
Q & A Part 2 View


World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17 (1974) - G. Edward Griffin View
The Science and Politics of Cancer (2005) - G. Edward Griffin View

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy and the Pharmaceutical Monopoly View
Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer and Essential Oils View
Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing and Eating the Rainbow View
Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature's Pharmacy, and Healing Cancer with Sound and Light View
Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blind Spots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy, and the Power of Emotions View
Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing, and Inside a German Cancer Clinic View
Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight, and Combining Superfoods View
Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature's Epigenetic Switches, Peptides, and Healing with Micronutrient Therapy View
Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors and Their Powerful Stories of Victory View
Special New Message: What Do You Do Next? View
Q&A with Ty and Charlene: Part 1 View
Q&A with Ty and Charlene: Part 2 View

The Sacred Plant

Episode 1: The Sacred Plant…Revealed View
Episode 2: Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, & Opioids View
Episode 3: Epilepsy, Autoimmune Diseases, & More View
Episode 4: Treating Cancer View
Episode 5: Where to Find & Access The Sacred Plant View
Episode 6: Reversing Aging, Increasing Memory, & Dosing Tips View
Episode 7: What’s Next & How It Impacts Us All View


Carbon Dioxide: The "Miracle Molecule" of Life View
Feminism, The Alt-Right & White Genocide Part 1
Part 2